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Fathers come in all sizes and colors and creeds,

They worry about family and food ~ basic needs;

But, they might build a bird house or doll house or such ~

Might fix a tree house with window box touch.

When something is broken, it’s father we call,

He can fix anything, ~ hinges and all;

He knows where the oil goes that does the most good;

Can even dress wounds like a fine doctor would.

He knows about airplanes and hot wheels and trains ~

Can build a great model of most anything!

He know how to fish and he’ll bait you a hook

That will make that big fish take a long second look!

Fathers understand life ~ (that it should not be wasted!)

He warns and instructs you before you have tasted.

He know about living ~ he knows about souls ~

Helps you develop a worthy goal.

Sometimes he is tough, if that’s what it takes,

To keep us from making colossal mistakes.

He knows how to make a life worth the living

To give all he’s got ~ and keep right on giving.

...When Fathers get old God takes them to Heaven;

He has it all planned for the work they are given,

For God knows a Father could never do "nothing"

So He shows them the warehouse and get them to looking.

For fathers are gifted in so many ways!

Think what they can do in an endless day!

I imagine them smiling from ear to ear ~

Fixing things perfect, in a land without fear.

Down here, fathers worry, (there’s so much stress)

But there, they won’t even be put to a test!

They’ll just use all their talents for projects they love

And add to the beauty of that land above!

Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.



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