One Day
Some day I'll meet the Maker of the sunset's glow,
He'll show me how the colors mixed just so;
He'll show me, too, the way the rainbow curves
And help me make my own (if I've the nerve)...
He'll explain all equations so I will understand,
And magnify the crevices all across the land;
Mysteries I cannot fathom will be explained at last,
He'll help me see the beauty of the ages past.
He'll let me look at Jesus heart ~  till He knows I understand
The way it broke and why He has those nail scars in his hand.
Then He'll draw me close beside Him and He'll bring Jesus too;
We'll watch the vastness of His whole universe in view.
One day, it won't be long now - and the dark glass will be clear;
We'll see our Hope of Ages face to face ~ so very near;
He'll touch our faces with those loving nail scarred hands ~
One day there will be nothing that we cannot understand.
Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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