On the shoreline of Eternity ~
There by the Crystal Sea;
Hope waits arrayed in brilliance
Always beckoning to me.

If you listen you can hear her song
Encouraging all to come;
It speaks of strongest faith and love,
A perfect life is done.

She tells us when we think not
Her ways will still be true;
While we are conquered in cocoons ~
She waits for me and you.

One day the inner man grows strong,
He splits the threads which hold,
A Spirit sings its freedom
Whether young or very old.

At last we break free from the shell ~
At last our wings are seen!
At last we can be all that our Creator
Meant for us to be!

No worldly weights ~ no hindrances ~
No hanging back allowed;
But only just believe His Word ~
We see it clearly now!

And Hope is satisfied to know
Her destiny is done,
When we walk by and enter in ~
Won by Precious One!

Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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