Iíll Pray for You

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Of course Iíll say a prayer for you ~

A blessing for us both;

For me, another touch with God,

For you, to wake a hope.


Oh, no, itís not a bother!

Itís a privilege, you see ~

A compliment ~ you seem so sure

He would listen ~ to me.


No, I donít need your history ~

Though I have time today.

Iíll gladly listen to your tale of

Why you need prayer today.


And I wonít place conditions

Upon this prayer for you;

Just the fact that you have asked me

Tells me, itís the thing to do.


When I come to think about

The early morniní dark,

When I step in the kitchen

I never chase it out...


I just throw the switch and light invades

Drives the dark away ~

Like Jesus comes to fill our hearts

And diagrams our way.


Remember, God may make a change

In your heart ~ or in mine,

For He is always on the job ~

Working overtime!

Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

"Bear ye one anotherís burdens"

"Judge not, that ye be not judged"


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