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Kiley's Hat

Going With Jesus


I Am

The Broken Harp

Coming Soon

I Can't Tell

The Rose

My Mother's Prayers

Empty Chairs


Quiet Time

A Fool For Jesus

Now I Know

Dear Daddy, What If?

Her Little Hand In Mine

Before Jesus

When He Is Near

Under His Wings

The Departure


A Tale Of Three Trees

If I Give You My Son

Collection Short Poems

I Believe

He Loved Us First


Tears In Our Eyes

My Dreams

One Light

USS Cole

Hour Glass Of Life

Little Brother

The Nursery


For My Mother

The Least Of Them

Mother's Hands


Ready For Home

One Nation Under God

Hidden Costs


So Blest

Un-Father's Day


Mother's There

A Good Man

Whence Cometh Faith

Dad's Priceless Gift

Old Glory

Twice Mine

Under God

God's America

Wave On

Patches Of Sunlight

Palm Of Your Hand

The Night


In His Hand

First Prayer

The Cross

Grandmother's Place

Mike Christian's Flag

Great Grandmother's Visit

No Other Gods

Nine Eleven


Jesus Painting

For This We Give Thee Thanks

I Give Thee Thanks

This Is Christmas Day

A Christmas Lullaby

The Birthday Of My King

The Christmas Song

Bend In The Road


Your Valentine

In Praise Of Solitude

A Vision

The Heart Of A Quilter

Christian Growth

Jewels Along The Way

Does God Know

Feb 01 2003

For You

Last Night

O, God, Our Lord

A Pound Of Spikenard

When Little Hands Fold In Prayer

Kiss The Babies Heads

A Love Worth Dying For

Dear Mom

Mother, A Journey Of Life

Dusk With Beloved Mother

Grace And Glory

A Mother's Prayer

Golden Streets Of Home

Loving One Of These

Circle Of Praying Friends

In Patience He Waits

Set This Day

Eleventh Street

What Makes A Father?

Silly Ol' Grandpa

My Thanks

Worth It

The Light Of America

Story Of A Champion

Nancy's Kisses

I Am Not Alone

New Poems Two

The Name

Very Special Hours

Everlasting Valentine


I'll Pray For You


A Mother's Bible

On Purpose

Song Of Hope

I Have A Rendevous


Invitation (From The Common People)



I Found You

I'd Rather Be

What Kind Of God

One Day

Thank You President Reagan

On The Willows

Rock-A-Bye Baby Jesus

Bring Me The Babies

Come Away



Awards Two

Awards Three


Banners Two






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