This is my first prayer, Sweet Jesus,
Though Iíve heard my mommy pray
And I talked along with Daddy when
He prayed yesterday.

But, now, Iím here, all by myself,
And Iíve said my 'Lay me down',
The 'blesses' and 'thank You's',
And the 'make wells' all around.

Iíd like to make a grown up prayer
From me, just me alone, and
Talk to You, dear Jesus, Ďbout
The things right here at home.

I got so mad, dear Jesus,
When I couldnít have my way.
I forgot to say, "Iím sorry," to
Some friends who came to play.

My kitty has some babies
Out in Grandpaís furnace shell
And I canít reach them, Jesus.
I wonder who to tell?

I got some new shoes, Jesus,
And a ribbon for my hair.
I saw a little boy who always
Sits in a rolling chair.

That bothered me, dear Jesus.
For, I realized and knew
My legs run everywhere I want
And Iíve never said, "Thank You!"

Please, help that little boy get well.
I want that, oh, so bad!
Bless me, now, dear Jesus,
For the first prayer I have had.

My little eyes are droopy.
I nod my little head.
With, sweet, sweet peace from Jesus,
I crawl into my bed!
Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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