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My Dreams

Oh, let me dream, (Itís only right)

To run, to jump, so long (so high),

To pass the ball, right to the sky,

To ski, to skate, and even ... fly

And never ask the question,


It gives me such release to know,

In dreams, I can excel and go!

I feel it all - Iím very strong!

My legs are muscled, straight and long.

My hands can clutch and hold so tight.

I have a warrior's strength and might!

And when I wake to face the day,

I know Iíll do...another way.

But with my mind, Iíll play the game;

To make life worth the effort - pain.

One day, Iíll wake to sleep no more,

Bedazzled by a golden shore

And I wonít dream ~ but, I WILL run.

Iíll laugh and shout with Godís own Son!

'Til then, I'll serve with body frail;

So very weak and sometimes pale.

I know it will be worth it all.

I'll hold my faith 'til clarion call.

I'll dream my dreams, until I see

The Lord of Mercy set me free!

© 2002 by Joan Clifton Costner

All rights reserved.

Richard at 16, and in the 10th grade, is also taking college classes.

He is interested in Astronomy so he is taking several language and math

classes and doing well in them.

Richard was diagnosed with MD when he was about 5 or 6.

Muscular Dystrophy is a disease that causes muscle weakness.

By  the age of 8 or 9 he had to use a wheel chair because he

could no longer walk, and will never be able to walk again.

Two years ago Richard developed an 80% curvature of the

spine. In surgery they put rods in his back to correct the problem.

He was so happy after surgery because he then became taller

than me! (I am only 5'1")

When Richard was diagnosed with MD, they tested his younger

brother, Michael. He also was diagnosed with MD.

Michael will be 13 in May. I remember when he took his first

steps. He was at my house and walked from my friend to me.

Seven years later he could no longer walk and is now in a wheel chair.

Richard and Michael have trouble feeding themselves, they cannot lift

much and are unable to dress themselves. Because of weakness in

their arms and wrists schoolwork often becomes a problem.

They have a computer to help them and soon they will have a

voice-activated computer to help them with their school work.

Richard and Michael are both honor students, even though

they have to to have a one-on-one assistant teacher to help them

with their books and turn pages for them. I am so proud of

both of them!

They boys love to read and enjoy camping with their parents

and other relatives. Their father made them seats for the sand rails,

so they can be safe while sand railing. They enjoy playing on the softball

 and soccer teams for children with special needs. They also enjoy

playing games on their play station.

At times in a restaurant, people stare at them. This makes them

feel bad and sometimes don't even feel like finishing their food.

This upsets me because when it is adults, they should know better.

They should understand that they DO have feelings.

Michael has never mentioned anything he would like to do. He has

always wanted to do what Richard does.

Richard and Michael believe in God and angels.

Written by:  Joan

Richard and Michael's grandmother.
(Not Joan Clifton Costner) :-)

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Please pray for Richard and Michael, and for all of

"God's Special Children".