God's America

(Written upon the return of POWs from Vietnam)

America, lift high your many churches

And raise again the song of mighty God!

Our citizens are back in their own country;

Their steps are found upon their native sod!

Through all the technical negotiations,

Our due respect and praise we give these men.

But we know, without the prayer of all the Christians,

Their safe release would've never ever been.

Someday, we'll learn. Oh, help us, God, to remember

That not one breath we draw against Thy will.

Nations rise and fall, at Thy direction,

And leaders come with Your permission still.

Let us learn, again, the art of fasting

And praying for our leaders every day.

Let this nation that is known as Christian.

Be quick to say that God restored today.


For though all men may claim the glorious victory,

Still, in our heart we know it was our God.

For, it was not lifeless bodies they returned to us.

It was the living images of God!

America, lift high your many churches!

Peal out the bells and raise your flag up high!

God brought you forth and laid to you a destiny.

America, with God, will never die!

 Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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