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How can I tell you, Mother,

Of the love that I hold for you;

For devotion that you gave so freely,

And love that has always been true?

Through the tender and innocent childhood,

Though the trials and tests seemed so long,

You were there through the sunshine and shadows

Lifting up or rejoicing in song.

When the darkness came down like a torrent,

There was hope shining still in your eyes;

When I came across some small honor

Your joy made it seem your own prize.

If the Lord set before me a legion

Of wonderful mothers to choose,

My eyes would search frantically through them,

For Mother, my choice would be you!

If you reach God's Heaven before me

Watch close for it will not be long

Till you'll see me walking that pathway

And singing your favorite old song.

My Hope is still in your Savior,

My Guide is the same that led you...! I believe it!

Will find me in Heaven with you!

Joan Clifton Costner

Copyrighted. All rights reserved.