Brave Little Soul...For Samantha

There's a brave little soul that went to Heaven,

Running to the safest arms to hold;

Comfort from the tender heart of Jesus -

Safety there within the house of gold.

Come Angels, wipe away the trace of teardrops;

Spirit, fill with tender sweet repose;

Jesus, cast the residue of memory

Far away - where no one ever knows.

Lord, could you maybe find a precious Grandma

With a lap that just fits her to a tee?

A Grandma with those tales that will intrigue her

And a big old smile just right for her to see?

Dear sweet Spirit - always bringing comfort,

With special care renew that tiny one;

We'll do our best and strive the more for Heaven

Where joy and peace for her have just begun.

Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

Samantha Runnion

All of the poets across the land

Bowed their heads - pen in hand,

Waiting...hoping, for a word from above -

Some way of conveying sympathy and love.

All of the mothers as if they were one,

All of the fathers in unison;

Every daughter and every son

Trembled in anger at what had been done.

Samantha, so precious and playing at home,

Snatched up to do battle - out muscled - alone,

With a beast that could never be kin to mankind;

This beast was a monster with reprobate mind.

No contest - no match - no chance! Where was God?

Can Deity - angels - watch while innocence lays in the sod?

If only imaginings would fade fast away -

Repel time backwards - never come to this day!

Dear father and mother, we all hold your hand,

There are no words of comfort you'll now understand,

But tears shed with you - all mingle as one,

And vows, that we'll find this beast on the run!

A monster among us! Oh! Hold babies tight!

Every parent is desperate in daytime or night!

For the devil plays second - so evil is he!

Brazen, keen witted, top billing, ..still free!

There are no words to write and the poets all know

It's a work of futility to try and so

They just bend their knees and wipe away tears

They pray for the innocent - they pray God hears!

Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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