I watched a man of courage walk
And hold his faith so tight.
I saw the arrows of despair
Flung with a demons might.

I saw the dearest things you loved
(Not money) stricken down,
And still you strive to keep the faith
And win the Heavenly crown!

Today, dear heart, you're weary and
Deep cares have slowed your walk.
Within your eyes I see the pain.
I wish that we could talk.

So many years, we've shared and hoped,
So many plans have turned.
I wonder, when I watch your step,
How dear the lessons learned!

You've earned the silver crown you wear.
You've borne up 'neath the load.
You've steadied and you've guided.
All your life, His seed you've sown.
I do not know if He will come
Before our time is passed.
I only know it won't be long.
We'll pass this vale, at last!
Photo and Poem
    by Joan Clifton Costner

     All Rights Reserved.




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