I Can't Tell You

I can't tell you just how long I'll love you.

But, this I know.  Should every sea run dry

And all the stars come tumb'ling from God's Heaven,
Darling, you'll still see the love light in my eyes.

I can't tell you just how long I'll need you.

But, just as long as flowers need the rain,

As long as song birds need a song to sing, my Darling,
I'll say I love you, need you just the same.

Alone was I searching for my love.  I knew not who.

You came and I found everything I needed. Dear, in you.

I can't tell you just what life will bring us;

Of happiness, the sunshine, or the rain.

But, this I know.  We'll live and cherish always,
Darling.  Every day we'll fall in love, again.

Alone was I.  You came along and all my dreams
came true!

My Knight in shinning white, Oh, take this Lady
Fair away with you.

I can't tell you just what life may bring us.

But, this I know.  We'll face it side by side.

We'll love our God and look to Him for help and blessings,

Make our plans to meet Him in the sky!
We'll make our plans to meet Him, you and I.
Photo and Poem
by Joan Clifton Costner
All Rights Reserved.





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