Bring me all the babies
That want to go to sleep,
Or those who want to pat-a-cake,
Or ones with cheeks so pink.

Bring me the crying babies,
To sing away with song,
To soothe away their cares and fears.
(They won’t be babies long.)

Time slips away and yesterday
Is, suddenly, distantly passed.
It walks so quiet, by your side.
We can’t make time last.

Babies love the melodies
And vibration of our voices.
Oh, bring me, quick, the babies
Before they have other choices!

Bring me the hugging babies
That just have learned to give a kiss.
The sweet slobbery little kisses
I’d never want to miss.

A big bear hug would bring me down
And I would rock for hours.
A lovable, sleepy, baby is
Far better than cut flowers.

Lord, give me a song for the babies, on earth,
That have heard the sounds of war.
Let me hold them on my lap
And sing 'til the fighting’s o’er.

Let me quiet their little hearts
And send all their fears away,
Teach them the Name of Jesus,
And, especially, how to pray!

 Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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