Long ago and, oh, so far away

Lay a Baby on the hay.

Tiny Son of the most holy One

Has come to visit earth, today.

Ever wonder why the hosts of angels came to earth

Or why the Shepherds bowed their knees?

Wise men, following His special star,

Had never given gifts like these.

Come, now. Letís raise our voices high!

Letís praise the King, Who came to live and love and die.

Our Treasure lasts forever more

And leads us safely home, at last, to Heavenís shore!

So, hush, now. See the little Manger King,

Baby God upon the hay!

It was only for love, from that Great Heart above,

We have Christmas today!

Itís still the greatest mystery,

A love that never could be measured by degree.

I fall in ashes when I see

What I deserve and, yet, what Christ has given me!

Oh, come! Imagine youíre included there.

Touch His little face and see Him smile.

Open your heart and letís make a new start,

Having Christmas, having Christmas

Having Christmas this year!

 Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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