I shook the earth. I rent the rocks.
I made the darkness fall.
When man had done the awful deed,
I made it plain to all.

I tore the veil right from the top.
‘Twas effortless for Me.
So, now, the world can understand ~
There’s nothing in between!

Oh, yes, My tears, like heavy rain,
Fell for My Son and Me.
And, now you know the limits of
A God Who wants you free!

I only wait for you to see
He died for you that day.
I tore the heavy canvas veil.
I ... tore the veil away!

I rolled the stone so you could see,
‘Twas on the week’s first day.
Not for My Son ~ it was for you
I rolled the stone away!

And so, to Me the greater joy,
When you gaze in that place,
Is, you’ll see nothing in between.
We can meet face to face!

Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.


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