Quiet Time

Lord, I love my quiet time with you;

Searching, listening, seeking

What You'd have me do.

It grieves my heart, as surely it does Yours,

To see the world rush madly on;

Forgetting sunset or soft song,

Clutching burdens, hanging on

To every problem every care ...

As if there were no answered prayer.

If I could make the young ones listen,

For one moment, I would tell them,

"Stop! Turn it off! Cut out the noise,

The sounds that interfere

With God's sweet voice!

God gives you peace!

His joy and love

Resound inside, around, above;

Engulfing and protecting you.

Listen! Hear the steady beat of love!

One hour, only ONE a day,

To read the scriptures, listen, pray ...

Would soon reveal a straight, sure path

On which you'd safely run and laugh;

No tangled mass or hidden way,

Like these you grope upon today.

Lord, grant them peace

And somehow speak to them,

Between the beats!

by Joan Clifton Costner

All Rights Reserved.





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