A Fool for Jesus

Am I a fool for Jesus?

And is my faith in vain?

If I forgot His service

Would life be just the same?

Oh, the sun would rise in the morning

And the season come and go;

But if I failed my Savior

Iíd lose lifeís purpose, I know.

Am I a fool for Jesus?

Could I even walk another way?

Where then the song within my heart?

The lips that, trembling, say,

"I love You, Lord, my yearning heart

Seeks only, first, Thy will;

When days are dark and nights are long

Youíre there beside me still."

Iíll be a fool for Jesus

While wisest men confound,

Explaining what You spoke to be

In ways not quite profound;

Iíll let the world with tongue in cheek

Laugh heartily at me,

Then take Your hand and close my eyes

Content to stay with Thee.

And when I wake, where faith no more

Needs practicing for strength,

Where mansion and a crystal sea

Bedorn a golden length ~

Then let them laugh ~ or will they weep

That faithís reward is true?

Oh, blessed Jesus, Savior, Friend,

Iíll be a fool ~ for You!

Joan Clifton Costner

All Rights Reserved.





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