Now I Know

Before this moment, I could only guess

And hope and yearn but wonder at

This great event I feared

Would not be mine.

Now, I know the fullness of a Mother's heart ...

This joy that cannot ever be expressed;

This feeling that puts all else to shame

And never could be anything but blessed.

Now, I know how hours fly away,

While I (enchanted by your sleeping ways)

Just sit and gaze upon your tiny face

And try to fantasize who's in your gaze.

Now, I know how great the Artist's wondrous

fine design

Can be when entwined with likenesses of mine;

Those traces reaching for my family tree

And God's traces, too, of me.

Now I know, dear mother (there from

Heaven's shore).

Can you see this budding rose adored

By every single pair of eyes that see ...

This infant soul to guide and lead toward thee?

And, from the shores of Heaven can you watch?

Dear mother, can you see

What blessing God bestowed and blest abundantly

(Through little Kiley June) on me?

Joan Clifton Costner

Copyrighted All Rights Reserved



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