John 14

May this golden chain remind you

There are streets made, just the same;

In a land that's been prepared for

All who trust His holy name ...

Where flows the pure, clear, water

To the shinning crystal sea.

And, a mansion now is waiting,

As He told us there would be.

Let the butterfly recall for you,

Its wings weren't always there ...

That once, like us, it didn't seem

Destined for the air.

But, a miracle transformed it.

(Could you call it any less?)

So, we trust our Heavenly Father.

For, we know He knows what's best.

Let not your heart be troubled.

Neither let it be afraid.

Though we cannot call them back again,

Faith has surely robbed the grave!

And, we know our Heavenly Father,

Who watches us in love,

Will one day lead us safely

To glad reunions up above.

When our hearts lie down in sorrow,

When the silver teardrops fall,

We must fix our eyes on Jesus!

We must listen for His call!

We must choose each step, considering

What His sweet will would be ...

And walk with Him, that narrow road,

To God's Eternity!

by Joan Clifton Costner

All rights reserved.





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