~ Empty Chairs ~

Together, they sat in the evening sun,

Reflecting events of the day just done;

Silvery hair on each of their heads,

Awesome respect in the prayers that they said.

Chickens now roosting, cattle all fed ...

She set the start of the next morning's bread,

Everything left to their keeping secure.

They trusted God for the strength to endure.

Now, they weren't embarrassed to speak

of their faith

And they didn't forsake when God said to wait.

Their faith was so simple, just 'trust and obey'

And it took them to Heaven, one beautiful day.

Out in the field, I passed by their chairs;

Warped and old ... beyond repair,

Washed by the elements, baked by the sun,

Still side by side ... as if they were one.

by Joan Clifton Costner




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