I have a rendezvous with God,
A magnet, within my heart,
That pulls me ever to Him when
I fear we're drifting apart.

So, like a flame that seeks it's own,
Two flames that burn as one,
I'm always seeking His light, His way,
Before even choosing my own.

Lost on my way, 'til His light shone through;
Fearful, dismayed and dead,
How can I less than grateful be
For the precious way He has led?

It was no menial task He performed,
Laying those words in my path;
Deliberate brush strokes that pictured the end,
If ever I failed to ask.

Now, when the darkness evades, I search
For the light of my Father's words
Like a searchlight inviting me always to come.
To the Father I love and serve!

Shine out, Oh light from heaven, above.
Shine out in beauty and love!
The darker my night, the brighter Your light,
Leading us ever onward, above!

Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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