In Praise of Solitude

Have you a place of solitude
Where a quiet time is found,
A place where you can start the day
While peace and love surrounds ...

Where you praise God for His blessings
And thank Him for His Son?
You will want to thank Him, too,
For a day that’s well begun.

Can you find a moment just to pause
When the day is at its height,
Tell the Lord you appreciate
All the things that came out right?

For, praises in the morning
And a little talk with Him
Bring to you a noontime
That is blest, time and again!

Can you stop to watch the sunset
And to let a star appear;
To contemplate they’ve done their jobs
For many, many years ...

To remember that God knows
Each name, every star and planet?
He spoke their orbit in the sky
When there was nothing in it!

"Oh, come," He calls so gently,
In the morning light.
Again, you’ll hear Him say your name,
At noontime and at night.

He longs so for our company
And puts on it no limits.
Far more than King or Prince,
He waits....for you to find a minute!

Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. 2003. All rights reserved.

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