Yesterday, Dear Lord, I should have spoken,

For the heart was open, listening then;

Now the spell is over-pathway broken...

I will never pass that way again.

Oh! The joys we miss when we still tarry!

Putting off obedience...moments, days;

If our eyes were open to the blessings

We would sprint to do and to obey!

A New Prayer

Into higher realms, we pray Thee, take us;

Teach us greater truths than e'er before;

Give our hearts a touch oh Heaven's True Love,

And our eyes a glimpse of Heaven's shore.

Let our feet be swift to do your bidding...

And our hands so willingly for your task...

Let our lips bring forth Your songs and praises,

And quickly witness every time you ask.

The Rainbow

Storms always come in the spring of life,

There's always a struggle and dealings with strife,

There's always some searching and quite a few tears...

But no storm can last forever, dear.

You will be proud when you look back

That you made it through...still intact...

For the clouds will break and the sun come through

And God will shine a rainbow for you!

Poetry copyrighted by

Joan Clifton Costner

All rights reserved.





Midi is called "Every Night"

Copyright by Bruce De Boer

Used with permission.