Come, walk a little way with me.
We both love words of God.
Together, we can laugh and sing ~
Finding jewels in the sod.

Come! The journey will be blest,
For we share like beliefs;
And we will stop along the way
To praise God, sweet release!

The sun will shine upon us
And, if the rain should fall,
We'll find a little place to rest
And listen for His call.

We might walk upon the water ~
Or through the fiery blast.
But, we will know He journeys, too,
As in days of the past.

There will be mountains we must climb
And valleys to descend.
But, we'll love each other more and more,
Before this life shall end.

It will please the Savior,
An honor He deserves.
So, walk with me and, one day, see
The Lord, on high, we serve!

 Joan Clifton Costner
2003 Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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