A lump in my throat - a tear in my eye -

I watch "old Glory" flyin’ high.

Remember the days (and the history too)

When the flag came to mean so much to you?

Remember when Dad’s friends went off to war

And his best friend died on a distant shore?

The pledge that we said each morning at school

Came right from our hearts to the red, white, and blue.

No rubber to waste - no sugar - no gas -

So gladly we gave up and willed things to last.

With cardboard in shoes, ration stamps in our hands

We pledged allegiance to our dear land.

We willingly sacrificed for the cause of the war

To keep tyranny from our country’s shore.

And we cheered, (how we cheered!)

When the thing was done -

...But many a family buried a son.

We never thought then of debates that would come

On burning our flag - it just wasn’t done.

We never dreamed high courts would have to command

And rule on indecency in this great land.

We knew (and we yearned) to go the right way,

Understood the reproach of a sinful day -

On a runaway path to disease and disgrace

God, help us to hold "Old Glory" in place.

Red, for the blood that was spilt to stay free,

White, the unblemished, the purity,

Blue, for the true, courageous, the soul,

Stars for the states making our nation whole.

Lord, bring back the morals, the kindness, the ways

That held us together in simpler days.

Fight the injustice and hold to the true -

Lift ever high the red, white and blue!

Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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