The stars shone down so softly as
You slept upon my breast;
The hay, within the manger, made
a clean, sweet smelling, nest.

The moon beams touched your tiny face.
I sat enthralled, enraptured,
To realize the grace, this night,
Such softness had so captured!

I wanted so to tell the earth
The things I knew were true.
I wanted, too, to hold You close;
Keep all away from You.

We had waited, all expectant, but were
Stunned to see Your precious face!
Then, shepherds came and we wondered
How they found this little place.

I want to make this timeless,
Never go on to tomorrow,
Just hold You close and claim as mine ~
Excluding future sorrow.

For change is quick and I just want
To hold this night forever,
Never come to days apart or
Relationships that sever.

So, holding close, I'll sing my
Baby song to You;
Feel You cuddle close and hear
The special sounds You do ...

The little sighs, the resting breath,
The flutter of Your eyelids;
The faint and tender cooing and
The circle of Your lips.

I said it once, but this is more ~
I'm blest beyond all measure;
A tiny son with beauty rare,
A real and present treasure!

When time is gone and earth has passed,
Melted with men's rages,
This treasured night will still remain ~
Hope for all the ages.

 Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

"Mary kept all these things and treasured them in her heart."

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