A new little life at our house,

Complete with eternal soul -

Someone to cuddle and play with,

New reason to set higher goals.

In the past, I might have been careless.

Now, I ask for guidance divine.

For, in my mind I've a picture

Of her little hand in mine.

She'll follow, I know, all my footsteps

And be known by the names that I wear.

So, I'll make my decisions in earnest

And I'll choose with still greater care.

For, I know she'll copy my motions

And she'll know when I step out of line.

God, help me live so I'm worthy

Of her little hand in mine!

It's only a thin silver ribbon.

This life so quickly can pass!

Just what I teach her of Jesus

Will for all of eternity last!

Lord, help me keep my affection

And hers, attached firmly to Thine -

And walk toward the promise of Heaven

With her little hand in mine!

~ Joan Clifton Costner ~

All rights reserved.





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