"One nation, under God,

Indivisible," it says.

"One nation, under God,"

So our forefathers led.

They didnít quite apologize,

When they referred to God.

They never were the least ashamed,

Or weak, those men of God.

Oh, God! For men like that today;

Who held Your banner high,

Who vowed to live was 'Christ to live'

And it was gain to die ...

Who knew that wrong was never right

And right was never ever wrong,

Who stood for You and never winced;

Their voice muscle in Your song!

"One nation, under God ..."

"One nation, under" ... who?

Can men repeat that precious pledge

And do the things they do?

God, help us stand with courage new

And bind our nations wounds.

Let strong knees bend, MEN lift, again,

Their voice in prayer to You!

 Joan Clifton Costner

Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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