When I lived so long that a child cannot find

Soft comfort within my arms,

When the midnightís brilliant star-studded sky

No longer calms my alarms,

When my eyes cannot hold the sunset

And my ears find the melody gone,

Come, Lord, look me over closely.

Isnít it time to move on?

When my mind cannot find those memories

That put all the zest in the years,

When I start to only remember the things

That always brought me to tears,

When I forget that a beautiful rainbow

Follows the thunderstorm,

That each star has its course in Your Heavens,

That many things make you feel warm ...

Then, Lord, examine, in earnest,

And remember the times I obeyed.

Just for the sake of the Son, we both love,

Come, Lord. Do not delay.

For, Iíve sung Your song to my babies.

Iíve carried a life within;

Recorded a beautiful picture,

Waged a war, in prayer, for my kin.

Iíve fallen and gone down bleeding.

Ah, but, You lifted up, again.

And, Iíve learned the best miracle of all

Is the life thatís set free from sin.

Thereís naught to be gained by the tarry.

Lord, Iíve already seen enough.

When Iím feeble, worn, and weary;

Iíll be longing for Your tender touch.

While I am waiting and watching,

Fill all my dreams with You.

And, Lord, if, for me, thereís no work down here,

Could I just come on home with You?

2002 by Joan Clifton Costner

Copyrighted. All rights reserved.