When a good man dies, a thousand lights go out.

And it's said, a giant library is lost.

Oh, I've tried to make comparisons and wise clichés ~

To estimate, in part, a good man's loss.

For, I know the way it feels to have your heart bend low

And understand how dark the nights can be.

But, a good man has a heritage beyond the grave.

And we would be so foolish not to see

That, a good man leaves a light his children follow;

No groping through some wilderness or maze.

And howe'er their lives, it shines on in a brilliance

That they can see 'til ending of their days.

His words come ringing deep, in vibrant stereo,

Within the keen recesses of their minds.

There's guidance there, enough to get to Heaven ~

Where once again, their hearts and arms entwine.

I'm so sorry for your loss here, on the earth below.

But, I'm proud to say, "A good man went away."

You'll see him soon. It won't be long.

Just follow the lights a good man left upon the way.

© by Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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