Does God really know that a little girl hurts
When a brother is taken away?
Does He know that she aches ‘til her little heart breaks
And feels darkness has come there to stay?

Does He care like He cares about grown-ups?
Does He offer her comfort and peace?
Will He pick out a day and say, "This is the one
When all of your heartache will cease"?

I wonder if little ones count just as much
As the grown-ups that everyone holds.
I wonder if God tries to speak to hearts.
I wonder if God really knows.

Oh, God counts the fall of one sparrow!
He numbers the hairs of your head!
God sent His own little Baby, down here,
So that we might rightly be led!

God loves each child in His keeping.
And, He tells us, in Matthew eighteen,
That our angels are there, beholding His face,
Keeping His eye upon us - so keen!

God puts His big arms around us
And, after awhile, we can see
That His arms are everlasting;
Holding us so tenderly.

So, don’t doubt the comfort of Jesus,
Who never turns children away,
Remember, your brother is safe in His arms,
Where you, too, can be some day!

  Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted  2003.  All rights reserved.

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