"Daddy", in the evenin',

"Makin' muscles" for his girls;

A laughin' and a wrestlin',

Every evening of the world.

"Daddy", goin' fishin',

Showin' us the proper way

To bait a hook that's sure to land

Ole "Jinglejaws", today.

"Daddy" playin' baseball

And us kids a cheerin' loud,

As our "Hero" rounded second

And Mother lookin' proud.

"Daddy" teachin' us to drive

And weigh Life's rights and wrongs.

"Daddy" standin' through the trials.

"Daddy" singin' songs.

"Daddy" teachin' grandsons

The art of huntin' and fishin'.

"Daddy" helpin' tune their cars,

And listenin' to their wishin'.

"Daddy" holding sister's hand,

With Heavens gates in view,

Listenin' as his "baby girl" says,

"Daddy, I love you."

"Daddy" makin' plans for sure

His circle will complete,

When gathered up in Heaven,

Standin' at the Master's feet.

Daddy, though I'm forty- six,

"Daddy" fits you like a glove;

And my heart bursts with pride and joy-

"Daddy," you I love!

(Happy Birthday, Daddy)

Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.