Donít be sad, Mom. Please donít cry.
The Lord called so quickly and suddenly,
I just rose up to meet Him in the sky.
And, Mom, I never did fear to die.
For, I could see Jesus was right by my side.

I can see you shedding tears.
But now, I see beyond mortal years,
Beyond limitations of mortal eyes,
To Godís final purpose ~ to Godís paradise.

The reasons are clear, Mom, and I understand.
How I wish I could reach down and just take your hand,
And whisper the Great Love in which I abide.
But, I am here and youíre on the other side.

Iíd like to just touch you, make you understand,
That I was just loaned, Mom, for awhile, in Godís plan.
Remember the good times. Forget all the bad.
Be thankful for all of the prayer times we had.

I canít come back, Mom. But, I love you still.
So, I trust youíll always seek Godís perfect will.
The blood of the Savior, the Pathway of Love,
Will lead you, quite safely, to Heaven above.

Sometimes, just be still, Mom, and listen to God.
And, He will show you the way you must trod.
On that great day of rapture, weíll meet in the sky;
The circle unbroken through eons of time!

 Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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