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The Departure


He boarded the ship with a smile and a wave

And though he would "like to stay" -

He bade us farewell and we watched his ship

Sail silently away......

And we clutched our breasts and wiped our eyes,

But he, on the vessels bow

Was happy and blessed with no trace of tears

For nothing could hurt him now.

A shinning vessel with white sails spread

Sailed out on a timeless sea -

And oh! the mem'ries of so many years

Swept like a flood over me!

Yes, we know he is standing with strength renewed

In a glorious, heavenly place -

We know he's contented and strong and free -

Greeted with cherished embrace.

Still...we watch as long as our eyes can hold -

"Til at last we must say, "He's gone"...

But we must remember that other shore

Where loved ones are shouting, "He's Home!"

..."He is gone!"..."He is Home!"...from two

different worlds -

The evident and the obscure... us develop our spiritual eyes

Until Heaven by Faith is made sure!

"Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for,

the evidence of things not seen."

Hebrews 11:1

Joan Clifton Costner

All Rights Reserved.


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Midi Is entitled "By The Sea"

Copyrighted by Bruce De Boer

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