After the bombs are silent,
After the birds return,
After the scabs and scars are healed,
What has humanity learned?

Have they learned that you really
Can wait too long,
Allowing a tyrant to rage?

Have they learned, if you do,
There’s a big price you pay
To turn over a brand new page?

Have they learned
Anything about power,
Responsibilities of the strong ...

That the way to be great
(When you’re greatest)
Is always be gentle - get along?

Have they learned, when you’re "it"
And you stand all alone,
How everyone disappears ...

When you’re fighting the hardest
And holding high the flag,
Above the sounds of bombs come the jeers?

Have they learned how
heroes are welcomed and
How soon that fame dies away?

Have they found any gain
From debates and discussions of
'If it should ever have been'?

When children can run
And play in peace,
When families have a chance ...

When you see a
democracy taking place
And freedom of speech begins ...

When you note
"Putting up with each other"
And there’s talk of his "right" to say ...

When you see an old
Grandfather bravely say,
"There’s coming a brighter day" ...

When terror in eyes turns to sparkle,
Then you know there’s a process begun.
It takes a while, requires courage,
To bring a new day in the sun.

We pray that we’ll see the fine people
Produce greater, more positive, ways ~
That our fine heroes, sons and daughters,
Will not have fought in vain.

Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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