Come Away

Come away, my beloved.
Come away from the cares
All the stress of the battle;
All the ragged, cutting tears.

I will mend, again, your garment.
I will polish all your gear
So that, next time, in the battle ~
You advance without a fear.

Come away, my beloved.
For you need some time with Me;
Proper food for your spirit,
Proper rest refreshing thee.

Soon, the battle will be over.
Soon, youíll see the victory.
Tíwill be better for the finish
If you hunker down with Me.

Iíve been in the War of Ages,
Had the thorns pierce Me through.
If youíll seek Me, you will find Me.
I am never far from you.

Come away, my beloved.
Come away, forget the din;
All the noise, intimidation.
Come away from every sin.

Choose the ancient peaceful pathways.
Choose the narrow road that leads
To the Land without a sorrow,
Where the Lamb, in safety, feeds.

Come into My arms, now open.
Come, I love you, and what more
Could you wish for as you travel
To that happy, golden, shore?

Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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