I found You this morning, almost at dawn.
The soft early breeze was Your tag-a-long.
Then later, when birds rushed to answer
the calls Of their nestlings who hungered
in their nest by the wall ...

I found You in sunlight that scattered the dark;
In the bright butterfly, in the flowers in the park.
I found You in music that caught in the trees;
By the babbling brook ~ the bend of my knees.

Each time I was looking, Lord, You
were still there;
At noontime and even the warm evening air.
But, I knew You were more than these
 feelings I had,
So looked for Your Spirit in the face of a lad ...

And You were there! In the twinkling eyes;
I found You depicted as they watched the skies.
I saw a beggar - (You were there, too!)
A baby was crying ... it stopped. Was it You?

Then came the glorious sunset scene,
Almost the most beautiful Id ever seen!
The twinkling stars made their debut ~
A full moon, but all of it pointed to You!

All day, I had watched ~ Your presence
I found.
But, I longed to be sure, in my heart,
You abound. So, I looked in my mirror,
for that certain light;
Laid my head on my pillow ~ slept soundly
all the night.

 Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.


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