Id Rather Be ...

I'd rather be the one who gets along,
Who steps in time and doesnt miss a song.
I rather live with mercy, love, and grace;
And always bring a smile to some sad face.

I'd rather be the gentle touch of love.
I'd rather teach of nobler things above.
I'd rather put that twinkle in those eyes
That brings a little laughter; such surprise!

I'd rather carry on, a little longer,
And feel all the muscles getting stronger.
Ill put the burden centered on my back
And let You point out anything I lack.

Id rather be the one who makes the peace,
The one who causes quarreling to cease;
Lifting and forgiving, Lord, just as You said.
Id rather, by the Word of God, be fed.

So, when You pass out talents, Lord,
Ill order out a hoard.
But, just be sure the links are all cued
To everything that speaks of You!
 Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.


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