Great Grandmother's Visit

Great Grandma came to visit us,

When I was only four.

We were way out in the country

And there wasn't any store.

But, my Grandma killed a chicken

And went down the cellar steps;

Where the apples smelled, of sweet decay,

And home canned goods were kept.

So, we feasted. But, Great Grandma

Didn't eat as much as I!

I really worried 'bout her when

She turned down apple pie!

With her hair all shiny silver

And her frame near double-bent,

She gather me up to her and

To the featherbed we went.

It was cold, and in the winter,

All those rooms were shut away.

So, we ran across the icy floors.

'Tween sheets of ice we lay,

She told me, "Put your toesies

Right here, in my warm hand."

Then we cuddled, close together,

As I drifted to dreamland.

She told me tales of Joseph

And his coat of colors bright.

She told me of three wise men

Following a star, so bright.

Then, she told me that she often stayed up,

Ironing, late at night ...

For the Savior, of the manger, was

Watching day and night.

She recited poems she'd written

(And, some were funny, too!)

I never dreamed I'd still recall,

At this age, quite a few.

What a different world I live in,

From those days so long ago ...

When Great Grandma came to visit

And the world was white, with snow.

 by Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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