Take away the Christmas tree

From the City Square.

Take away the manger scene.

We don't need it there.

Take away the shining lights.

The stars are still above.

And we don't need these plastic things

To tell us of God's Love!

Take away the little lamb.

Take away the hay.

In our hearts this special time

Will still be Christmas Day.

Take away the wise men

And the little shepherd boy.

Do you think that will remove

This celebration of God's Joy?

For Christmas can't be anything

But the Birthday of our King.

Take away the things of clay

And still our praises ring!

You can say that day is night

Or that the night is day.

But. your words are worthless.

We know this is Christmas Day!

How I love the wonder in

A little child's first sight,

Of the star of Bethlehem -

All shining in the night!

Mary's face, that Baby's smile

And Joseph's tender care ...

Little ones deserve to see

This "fabled" scene so rare.

But take it all away and see

How God supplies our need.

He was flesh and blood.

We know the story of God's seed.

In our hearts that manger bed

Holds the promise of God's Love.

You can never take away

What God sent us from above!

You can't issue orders to

Take stars down from the sky.

Christmas trees will still grow tall

On mountains, snowy white.

Love will still encircle earth,

As if to hear Him say,

"In your hearts you still will know

That this is Christmas Day!"

Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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