When they add up all the columns
And they draw a double line,
And the Lord tells me I even had
A little overtime ...

When the questions of my living
Come from penetrating Eyes;
No flourishes, no fancy airs,
Nothing similar to lies ...

I’d just like to tell it plainly.
Just the simplest words are said,
"She just loved to hold the babies
And to kiss their little heads."

For, a baby’s head, so precious,
With its ringlets and its curls;
Even if it has a shiny top
And no matter boys or girls.

Oh, they bump them and bruise them
And, as soon as "ow’s" are said,
Be sure to pick the baby up
And kiss their little head!

I like to feel them snuggle
Just before they’re put to bed.
Then, tuck them in and don’t forget
To kiss the baby’s head!

Joan Clifton Costner

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