Dearest, I still miss you,
Though a year has passed us by,
And I catch glimpses of you
From the corner of my eye.

I turn, on impulse, just to see
Someone I took for you.
There seems no valid purpose in
The things I used to do.

I wonder that the sun can shine
Or that the earth can turn.
I wonder how life goes ahead
When all I do is yearn ...

For one more day, an hour, one touch,
Again, your blue eyes shining!
I realize my life is spent
In hours of earnest pining.

I will always mourn you,
Always miss your precious ways.
Always, Iíll be yearning for
Those dear, sweet, yesterdays.

My heart will never fly, again,
Until your face I see
And, always, youíll be number one;
Most precious memory.

Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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