Set this day aside for remembering ~

Reflections of things already in my mind;

Of other days and simpler ways,

And loving thoughts of another time.

We canít go there, except to say

The thoughts we have of them,

Who loved and cared and acted

More, than this, our yearly whim.

The souls who fought for freedomís way,

So far displaced from home,

The victims. falling by the side

Of harms way - all alone.

The loved ones who have taught so much

Send down their traits by genes;

So personal, so cherished, and

In our children now are seen.

For those who fell by "calling" to

A lost world needing Love,

Who gave their last full measure

To bring that Name beloved.

To little ones who never saw

The sunlight of one day;

And have no marker, nor even mound,

To say theyíve gone away.

And all the while remembering ~

They all were once as I....

And hope thereís someone willing

To mourn me...when I die....

Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

"Remember me as you pass by -

As you are now, so, once was I...

As I am now soon you will be...

Where will you spend eternity?"

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