It was time for graduation,

Such a happy time for us,

Till we heard the politicians say:

"Leave out the name of God - or we’ll fuss"

It was just a small town school,

We had all grown up together,

We’d have graduation service

Outside, depending on the weather.

We had a little meeting just to

Think this thing right through,

There was no desire for trouble -

We were unsure what to do.

There’s a time to stand upright

And we really felt this was;

Not to anger the authorities -

It should be left up to us.

So at last we found the answer and

We worked it out quite well,

The graduation ceremony

Progressed with pleasure we could tell.

We managed not to mention

The name of God at all,

Though there were several speeches given

Where His attributes were recalled.

You know, since early childhood

We’d gone to Sunday School together,

Different churches, but no matter,

There were ties too deep to sever.

Came the last awards recipient,

For the speech he was to give;

He came boldly forth with friendly smile

(The way he like to live.)

He stood for just a moment smiling at

His classmates there ~

Then he "a..ah...ahh... achooed!!"

Right out loud in the air!

As if they were one body

All his classmates came unglued;

Jumped to their feet and shouted loud:

"God... bless ...You!!!"

The applause peeled out like thunder~

A smile on every face;

We had managed still to honor God;

And not bring Him disgrace.

We always will remember

That we learned a truth that day;

"Men had ought to obey God,

Rather than man," the Bible says!

Acts 5:29

Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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