A beautiful little boat, I made.

I whittled it out of wood.

Sanding and painting it,

I made the rudder good!

I took it to a stream to see

How sea-worthy was my boat.

But, the current swept it away from me.

Though, it was still afloat.

I ran by the bank and watched it go -

That beautiful boat that I loved so.

At last, I found I could follow no more

And guessed that it crashed on some distant shore.

In a storekeepers window, I passed it by -

That same little boat I had made!

I ran inside and examined, again,

Every detail my hands had laid.

"It's my boat! It is mine!" and I told the clerk

The story I just have told you.

But he said, "Now it's mine and a price is affixed.

There's nothing more I can do."

So, I gathered my coins and counted them twice.

I bought it again and paid the full price.

I treasured the boat I had formed with my hands.

Gladly, I paid for my treasure, again.

God dipped down His hand and gathered some clay,

Just dust by the road of life.

He fashioned a man in the image of God -

He fashioned the man a wife.

He gave them a will of their very own

And made them a perfect day.

But, they stumbled and fell, and started for Hell,

From the garden driven away.

But God, in His Love, sent His Son, from above.

He lived as a man and taught of God's Love.

He portrayed a God we could see and feel,

A God we could know for sure was real.

Then, Satan sneered, "These are mine, You see.

They belong to me, every one!

A price is affixed and it's so very high

That no one can pay, not one!"

So, Jesus took thirty-nine stripes and a crown

Of thorns that pierced His head.

He carried a rugged old cross on His back,

All the way up the hill, He was led.

He paid again, so dear the cost!

For, the treasure He loved, that had looked so lost!

And, the act of His love waits acceptance from you.

What else, dear friend, can Jesus do?

 Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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