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The Nursery

They must have been busy in Heaven that day

For the Lord said, "A host will come home, -

So get out the banners and trumpets and harps

And....line all the cradles with gold.

Call in the most tender, most gentle serene -

Call all the voices of Love;

For we will all comfort and cherish this day

The babes in the regions above.

Sing the soft songs with a lullaby theme;

Touch with the most tender care;

Let gossamer wings surround those babes

Placed in Our nursery there.

Never a tear, never a sigh

Shall come to them ever again,

And they shall grow up in purity rare

To watch for their earth-bound friends.

Joan Clifton Costner

Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

Remembering April 19, 1995.

For the most innocent victims of the

Oklahoma City bombing.


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