"Whence cometh faith?" the Master asked.

"From us!" the four friends cried;

"Had we not put him through the roof,

Weíre sure, he would have died."

"Whence cometh faith?" He asked again.

"From me," the woman said.

" I only touched His garmentís hem -

Iím free from years of dread."

Once again, "Whence cometh faith?"

Then Lazarus spoke true;

"It didnít come from me, dear Lord ~

It must have come from You."

From their faith, her faith, or His own -

And not to flaunt ~ "display" ~

When some folks chide, "You donít have the faith;"

Reply "Whereís yours today?"

Faithís not so much a circle

But a sphere of love and aid ~

It can come from anywhere;

God chooses where itís made.

The heart, the body suffering,

The spirit grieved like His own

Can reach or yet receive from Him ~

Faith is His to loan.

So donít forget when Jesus asks;

Your faith? My faith? Or His?

The greatest thing about it all:

Use the faith that is!

Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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