I’m going through my mem’ries,
Picking out the best ~
The ones that brought long pleasure
To this life that God has blest.

One that blest me, Oh, so much
(I’m still thankful for, today.)
Was Nancy, with her kisses and
Her sweet and loving ways.

For, in my family, sure, we kissed
Goodnight and all goodbyes.
But, Nancy kissed 'hello', with blessings
Higher than the sky!

She’d greet, on Sunday morning,
With a hug and sweetest kiss.
There was not a single one that
Nancy’s lips would miss!

She said, "You’re sweet as honey.
It just drips with every word!
No wonder the kids love their teacher!"
And, I blushed with every word.

Slowly, I began to be more
Liberal in my ways
And gave a kiss to certain ones,
To brighten up their day.

A long time, now, since Nancy felt
Our kisses of goodbye.
I know she’s kissing others in
The new church ... flyin’ high!

I go, now, to the manor, where
The bravest heroes live.
They come to hear an old singer
And for the kisses that I give.

I owe it all to Nancy!
And, I kiss them, every one!
Then, we sing songs of Jesus
And have lots of Godly fun.

You never know how a tender touch
Can brighten up a day
And if you pucker up your lips,
A kiss is just a swish away!

Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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