What kind of God is it who catches your tears,
Paints the sky every evening; reminding?
What kind of God would number your hairs
And formulate silver linings?

What kind of God listens for smallest prayers,
Eíen when a fierce storm is raging?
And, Who could develop individual calls,
From the birdís throats, for mates they are paging?

What kind of God watches when things go wrong,
To discover intents of the heart?
And when we fall down, Who picks us up;
Helps us make a brand new start?

What kind of God takes such a simple mind,
Places words there to be written down?
When we have failed with some menial task,
Who gives a smile - not a frown?

What kind of God is available
Every second of every year?
Who acts as our Shepherd and, with His staff,
Drives away every fear?

Who knows your name and the heart of your soul
Better than even yourself?
Who bought us Heaven and gave as a gift?
Who gave us this world of wealth?

What kind of God do the stars obey,
Traveling courses designed in the sky?
Itís the One Who came down to that thorny crown,
Dying for you and I!

 Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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