So Blest

So blest! So blest ...

With scarlet sunset in the skies,

Birds that sing on wing so high,

The fragrance of the flowers sweet,

And precious people that we meet.

So blest! So blest ...

When music swells my heart within

An old familiar lasting hymn,

When tiny heads are bent, hands clasp,

And little voice our blessings ask.

So blest! So blest!

Simple pleasures seem much more

When we approach Eternityís door.

Each day our hearts can thankful be

For blessed hours spent with Thee.

So blest! So very blest to be

Born in a land thatís brave and free,

Born to a family loving Thee ...

The things I could not choose, but do,

Born with a heart for loving You.

So when, at last, I lay me down,

Iíll rise and see my robe and crown,

A Crystal Sea, and Jasper walls.

I wonít mind coming home, at all.

For I have been so blest!

So blest!

2002 by Joan Clifton Costner
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.


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